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Nesterenko Software - since 1992. I began developing these Nesterenko Software 'Assistant' apps in 2005. I have been distributing them throughout Ontario since 2010.

If you are visiting this page, you may already aware of the various applications that are provided by Nesterenko Software.
With two exceptions, all apps are now available as a 'Web-based' app. These have proven to be very popular. The 'flow' of each web-based app is the same as the MS Access® version, so nothing to re-learn. Both versions of the apps are provided. User may use one or the other or both.

These apps draw in data easily extracted from Aspen®.
Note: email for information regarding using the app with PowerSchool®
Nesterenko Software Applications
The apps support various school functions: Timetabling, Admin, Guidance, Student Success, Office Admin
Secondary Schools:
Master Schedule Assistant Provides necessary reports and analysis functions when Timetabling - and throughout the year.
Most-used report is a one-page Master Schedule Report which displays the entire Master Schedule in a 2-dimensional grid-like form which is typically what Timetablers need.
MS Access application.
Master Schedule Assistant - Web Version Same functionality as the MS Access version, but web-based.
Section Allocation Assistant Organization tool used during the Feb-Mar-April period when dealing with Course Requests and determining Section Allocation.
MS Access application.

Section Allocation Assistant - Web Version
Same functionality as the MS Access version, but web-based.
Teacher Absence/OnCall Assistant Used by VPs (typically) to perform the daily routine of dealing with teacher Absences and Assigning OnCall or Supply teacher Coverage.
MS Access application.
Teacher Absence/OnCall Assistant - Web Version Same functionality as the MS Access version, but web-based.
Course Request Verification Assistant Provides a Course Request Matrix Report which is invaluable when Timetabling.
Also provides several reports which are very helpful in checking Student Course Requests
MS Access application.
Attendance Assistant Simple, Concise, Attendance Reports that are helpful to the Attendance and Student Success functions.
MS Access application.
Elementary and Intermediate Schools:
Elementary Schedule Assistant - Web Version 'Web-based'. The Elementary Schedule Assistant supports the process of creating Teacher Timetables in Elementary and Intermediate schools.
Create and Manage Teacher/Class/Room Schedules
Also provides various helpful reports such as Supply Teacher Assignment Sheet when a Supply teacher replaces a Teacher..
Feel free to contact:

Contact and I will send you the necessary Login/Password or software within a day, or answer any questions. You are welcome to try any of these applications no-charge. I'll also provide an 'over-the-phone' demonstration of the software, if you would like.
Or if you would like to discuss the application, email me and I'd be happy to call you.
Because there is no installation required and no data-entry required, it is very easy to get started. No commitment to purchase before you try it.
The apps manipulate data extracted from existing reports.
The reports generated by these apps save you time, allow you to do your job more efficiently and allow you to better serve the needs of students.