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OSCAnews - Master Scheduling Support Software

Pete Self     -       PeteSelf@NesterenkoSoftware.com

OSCAnews April 2021     The 2021-2022 Timetabling season is here.

Note: - You may already be aware of the various applications that are provided by Nesterenko Software.
Many current users have taken advantage of the 'Web-based' version of the Timetable (Master Schedule) Assistant app (all users are welcome to use it).
The flow and reports within either version are the same. The 'Web-based' version of the app has some nioe features provided by the web: quick links, coloured reports and more. The 'flow' of the app is the same as the MS Access® version, so nothing to re-learn.
Users have the option of using the existing MS Access® version of the app or using the 'Web-based' version.
In these challenging COVID-19 times, the 'Web-based' version allows all members of the 'Timetabling Group' to be logged-in from their respective locations. One member would perform the usual timetabling functions (and extract/import - same as in the MS Access® version of the app). All users could view and analyze various reports and discuss - while also connected via Zoom®, Webex®, Google Meet® etc.
Despite the COVID-19 challenges, this has worked seamlessly for many timetabling groups that have taken advantage of this option.

The app draws in data easily extracted from existing Trillium®, Aspen® or PowerSchool® reports.

You are welcome to login as a guest. Click here to actually use the Timetable Assistant 'Web' Application

Contact me with any questions etc. and/or to receive a fully functional Trial version.
The Timetable (Master Schedule) Assistant Application has been in use for 15 years in Districts using Trillium.

It is used by Timetablers, Guidance staff and Administrators. The app requires no user data-entry and with a few mouse clicks is able to easily import data extracted from Master Schedule by Course Section Report. Since it is a stand-alone app, it requires no setup etc. by IT staff.

In order to build a Master Schedule effectively, it is helpful to have 'visual', 2-dimensional grid-like reports to 'see' the Master Schedule that you are building. The Timetable Assistant (Master Schedule) Application provides those necessary reports (and much more), and eliminates the need for the many 'manual' mini-lists that timetablers usually create in order to be able to properly analyze the Master Schedule as it is being built.
The app contains dozens of reports which support the Master Scheduling process. (Some of these are shown below or can be viewed by following the links below.)

Analyze your Simulated Loads!
The most powerful function of the Timetable Assistant app is the ability to 'see' the reults of a Simulated Load.

Here is a portion of a Master Schedule Report - Typical Grade 9 Simulated Load. (Click on the image for a full page report.)
This is a Grade 9 Simulated Load but any Simulated Load can be captured and displayed.


I was involved in the Staffing/Sectioning/Timetabling process for many years. I developed the Timetable Assistant Application to help me with the Timetabling process. I shared it with colleagues in other schools. Upon retirement I now sell it. Individual schools purchase the app to support the Guidance, Admin and Timetabling functions. Some users have been using the app for fifteen years.
I understand reluctance to try something different. If a little interested, perhaps check within other schools in your School Board and get opinions from other current users.

I would be happy to send you no-charge, a fully-functional 'Trial Version' and provide any necessary help to get you started. Try it for a few weeks. No obligation. This is how many users get started. You are able to import your current year Master Schedule data and become familiar with the app so that you are comfortable with its capability by the time the Master Scheduleing process begins.

Timetable Assistant Application - $200 +HST - One-year School License
Click to Watch Brief Video - Quick overview of the app

The Timetable Assistant application is a great aid to the Timetabling process and helps manage the Master Schedule throughout the year.
    - Generates a 'Visual' 2-dimensional Master Schedule Report with a few mouse-clicks by importing your
       current Master Schedule data.
    - No data-entry is required. Uses data extracted from the Master Schedule by Course Section Report
    - Highlights problem areas - Courses Over Maximum, Small Classes, etc.
    - Also generates many other critical reports: Teacher Limear, Room Linear, Available Seats, Capacity,
       Master Schedule by Department, Master Schedule by Pathway (C, D, P, M, U etc.)
    - Results of each 'Simulated Load' can be viewed in 2-dimensional reports and analyzed.
    - Used by Timetablers in the spring and also used throughout the year by Guidance and Admin.
    - Reports are also helpful in communication/discussions possibly with Department Heads etc.
     (The software is an MS Access application file. No Software installation required other than to have MS Access installed.
      MS Access is a component of MS Office and is readily available in your school.)

Much more information and sample reports etc. regarding the Timetable Assistant Application (links to different page)
The most commonly used report within the Timetable Assistant application is the Master Schedule Report which takes data imported from the Master Schedule by Course Section Report and displays it in the following easy-to-read, grid-like report. There are many other reports but this is the most-commonly used report. A few mouse clicks and the user has the latest Master Schedule in this format. Click on report for a printable pdf version.
Master Schedule Report - with explanations:
Master Schedule Report:

The following brief video explains the Timetable Assistant Application:
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The following brief video explains the Changes/Improvements for 2019: (Video Length: 60-seconds)
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Timetable Assistant Application - Watch 'General Use' Video (links to different page)
Timetable Assistant Application - Watch 'Timetabling Functions' Video (links to different page)
Timetable Assistant Application - $200 + HST (one-year school license.)
Yours to try for a few of weeks. No obligation. And I will provide an over-the-phone tutorial to get you started, if you wish.
Use the application with your current-year Master Schedule to become familiar with it's use. Then you would be ready to use the appication when you begin building next year's Timetable.
I will send you the application via email. It only takes a minute to save and launch the MS Access Application file.
Email any questions. Or if you would like to discuss the application, I'd be happy to call you.
If someone else in your school is responsible for building the Timetable, please pass on this link to that person.
More information regarding the Timetable Assistant Application (links to different page)
'Virtual Tour' of the Timetable Assistant Application.
The Virtual Tour allows you to explore the Timetable Assistant Application as if you were actually using it.
Unlike a video, this Tour will allow you to explore the app for yourself.
Click here to take the 'Virtual Tour' of the Timetable Assistant Application.