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Nesterenko Software - Contact

Pete Self     -       PeteSelf@NesterenkoSoftware.com

These applications are used in many schools throughout the province of Ontario.
You are welcome to a fully-functional evaluation version of the software and, if you'd like, I'd give you an 'over-the-phone' demonstration of the software.
For some of the apps, I would email you the MS Access aplications file.
For the 'Web' based applications, I would provide you with a unique UserID and Password.

Because there is no installation required and no data-entry required, it is very easy to get started.
No commitment to purchase before you try it.
Try for a few weeks.
The apps generally import and manipulate data extracted from existing School Administration System reports (*The Elementary Schedule Assistant does not import any data).
The apps allow you to create/manage and generate reports that save you time, and provide information that otherwise isn't available to you or would take many hours to generate.

Nesterenko Software

Pete Self