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Elementary Schedule Assistant Application

Pete Self     -       PeteSelf@NesterenkoSoftware.com

The Elementary Schedule Assistant app is used to create Elementary School Class/Teacher/Room Schedules and manage the schedules throughout the year.
The brief video below provides an overview of the app.
A longer video will explain exactly how to use the app.

1. Use the app
You are welcome to login as a guest. Click here to actually use the Elementary Schedule Assistant Application

2. Video Brief Overview of the App

3. Sample Reports etc.

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2. Video: Elementary Schedule Assistant - Brief Overview of the App 2 min 45 secs

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3. Sample Reports etc. Data is from a Sample K-8 Elementary School

View Class and Teacher List - use to summarize and/or reconcile

View Class Worksheet - 5 days, 6 periods per day
View Teacher Worksheet - 5 days, 6 periods per day
View Room Worksheet - 5 days, 6 periods per day

View Class Schedules - 1 page per Class
View Teacher Schedules - 1 page per Teacher
View Room Schedules - 1 page per Room

View Change Class Assignments

View Subject Minutes By Class (This data is from a different Sample Intermediate School) - after Teachers submit their Class Schedules

This app has just been completed Dec. 2019.