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OnCall Assistant Application

Pete Self     -       peteself@nesterenkosoftware.com

OnCall Assistant Application

This app was developed in late 2015 at the request of some Vice-Principals who were struggling with the daily chore of handling teacher absences and assigning and tracking OnCalls.

Click for a video which provides a brief overview of the OnCall Assistant Application

Feedback from users:

I love the program!

Dave and I are loving the program.

So much more user friendly than the (-previous program name-) nightmare! There is no way that I am going back.

Budget, smudget………..just invoice me for this semester and all of next year whenever you are doing your billing.

Thanks for designing such a great user friendly program! I LOVE it!

It’s very useful program that followed a highly involved development cycle – a fantastic deal at any price!

The program is amazing and I can’t tell your how much stress it has reduced for me!

Getting used to it and it is nice and organised!

Thanks! Teachers, secretaries and supply teachers like it!

Works great and does save time. Love it!!