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You are welcome to use one of the following Guest accounts to explore the app:

2. Guest Account:   UserID: 0002A     Password: guest1234   (case sensitive)
Scenario: Finished timetabling - Students have been loaded 'live' Sample MasterSchedule.csv data has already been uploaded.

1. Guest Account:   UserID: 0001A     Password: guest1234   (case sensitive)
Scenario: In the midst of running Simulated Loads Sample MasterSchedule.csv and Simulated ClassLoad.csv data (Grade 9 Simulated Load) has already been uploaded to the Guest account so that you you can see all functions and reports etc.
As well, sample StudentCourseRequestVerification.csv data (with generic names) has been uploaded so that you can see the significance/usefulness of the Course Request Matrix data and other related reports.

Existing Nesterenko Software users have been sent a UserID and Password for this 'Web' Version.
If you have not received a UserID and Password and would like to receive one, contact and you will be sent a unique UserID and Password configured with the same settings as your MS Access version of the app.

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This 'Web' version of the Master Schedule Assistant Application has been in use since May 2019. Feedback is welcome.
It can replace or complement the MS Access version of the app.