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Teacher Absence/OnCall Assistant Application

Pete Self     -       PeteSelf@NesterenkoSoftware.com

Note: 'Teacher Absence/OnCall Assistant' sometimes known as 'OnCall Assistant'

This page explains the 'original' MS Access version of the Teacher Absence/OnCall Assistant.
(FYI - 'Web-based' version of the Teacher Absence/OnCall Assistant app has been developed. To view information regarding the 'Web-based' version of the Teacher Absence/OnCall Assistant app, click here to go to a different page.)

Teacher Absence/OnCall Assistant Application - Used by VPs (or OnCall Administrator)
(This page order - click or scroll down)
1. Introduction
2. Sample Reports
3. Pricing
4. Video
5. Reviews and/or Feedback
Teacher Absence/OnCall Assistant - Various Menus, Forms and Reports: OnCall Assistant

1. Introduction - Teacher Absence/OnCall Assistant Application

This app was developed at the request of Vice-Principals who were struggling with the daily chore of handling teacher absences and assigning and tracking OnCalls.

Initial setup takes only a couple of minutes. No data-entry required - the Teacher Assignments are imported from the Master Schedule Report with a couple of mouse clicks - if you are familiar with the Nesterenko Software Timetable Assistant Application, the import step is exactly the same in the OnCall Assistant app as it is in the Timetable Assistant app.

Click to Watch - Teacher Absence/OnCall Assistant Application - Overview of the app


2. Sample Reports and Forms - Teacher Absence/OnCall Assistant Application

Daily Reports etc.:
Assign OnCall Form - Teacher Absences and OnCalls assigned on this form
Daily OnCalls Report - Suitable for posting/emailing etc.
Daily OnCall Slips
Supply Teacher Assignment Page - Ready for Supply Teacher upon arrival at school
Reports which are helpful to the VP (or OnCall Administrator):
Teacher Linear Report - Shows all teachers, teaching assignments, and OnCall Availability by Period
YearToDate OnCalls by Teacher Report - Helpful to reconcile etc.
YearToDate OnCalls by Teacher Summary Report - Helpful to reconcile etc.
Total OnCalls Done/Remaining by Teacher - Helpful for planning

3. Pricing - Teacher Absence/OnCall Assistant Application

Email to request a no-charge, fully-functional evaluation version of the software. I will also give you an an over-the-phone discussion/demonstration/tutorial which will teach you how to use the software, if desired.

A typical purchase of the software includes initial setup/customization so that the software is configured for your specific school. No setup or data-entry would be required by the user. The software purchase is a yearly licence, sold to a specific school. The OnCall Assistant application can be installed on any computers within a school.
$200.00 (+HST) for a one-year school licence.
Only requirement is that the user has Microsoft Access installed on computer.

4. Video - Teacher Absence/OnCall Assistant Application - Manage Daily Absences/OnCalls - Overview of the app:

Click on video to pause and view reports etc.

0:00 - Intro - Teacher Absence/OnCall Assistant
0:25 - Daily Reminders
0:42 - Supply Teacher Form
0:54 - Daily Routine - Add Absences - Assign OnCalls
1:22 - Multiple Days Absent
1:47 - Unkonwn Supply Teacher
1:51 - Redirect @Redirect
2:15 - Special Case @SeeNotes
3:45 - Check For Issues
4:10 - 'Quick View' Form
4:18 - Supply Teacher Form - Activate/Add
4:54 - Daily Reports - Daily Teacher Absence/OnCall Report, OnCall Slips, Supply Teacher Assignment Pages, Redirect Notices, Specail Case OnCall Pages
5:38 - UpComing Absences/OnCalls Report
5:54 - Initial School Setup, Usually pre-configured
6:20 - Non-Instructional Dates
6:25 - Intitial Calendar Setup:
6:38 - Daily Schedules - Regular. Flip Days, Shortened Periods etc
6:47 eg. How to indicate a week of Flip PEriod 3-4
7:08 - Absence Code Table Setup
7:13 - Teacher Master Schedule
7:24 - Same Import process as Timetable Assistant app - No Data Entry Required
7:48 - Edit Teacher Assignments & OnCall Availability
8:30 - Teacher Linear Report
8:42 - Adjust Number of OnCalls Done - if starting app mid-year
8:50 - Adjust Maximum Number of OnCalls
9:00 - Add Teacher
9:08 - YTD Reports - Detail and Summary
9:50 - Teacher OnCalls Done/Remaining Linear Report
10:02 - Reports for a Selected Specific teacher
10:12 - Wrapup - MS Access, No data Entry is Required, email: PeteSelf@NesterenkoSoftware.com

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5. Reviews and/or Feedback - Teacher Absence/OnCall Assistant Application

Feedback from users:

I love the program!

Dave and I are loving the program.

So much more user friendly than the (-previous program name-) nightmare! There is no way that I am going back.

Budget, smudget………..just invoice me for this semester and all of next year whenever you are doing your billing.

Thanks for designing such a great user friendly program! I LOVE it!

It’s very useful program that followed a highly involved development cycle – a fantastic deal at any price!

The program is amazing and I can’t tell your how much stress it has reduced for me!

Getting used to it and it is nice and organised!

Thanks! Teachers, secretaries and supply teachers like it!

Works great and does save time. Love it!!