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'Nesterenko' is a unique name - Where did it come from?
When chatting with users, the question is often asked "What is the significance of 'Nesterenko?"
Many years ago, playing Men's League hockey, a teammate who was a big Chicago Blackhawks fan hung the nickname 'Eric Nesterenko' on me. Eric played for the Chicago Blackhawks. The nickname stuck.

Years later, when I would create variious educational 'Typing Invaders-type' apps and 'Test-Writer' apps etc. for my students, I started referring to the apps as 'Nesterenko Software' ('Mr. Self Software' didn't have a very good 'ring' to it.)

So, following retirement when I began to market these apps, 'Nesterenko Software' became the name that has stuck.

A really neat story - One day I was walking through the office at Peterborough Collegiate (PCVS) where I taught. Someone in the office said Hi to me and referred to me as 'Eric' or 'Nesterenko' or 'Nesty' or similar. My principal came out of her office with a very odd look on her face. She said "'Eric Nesterenko' - are you referring to the hockey player?". "Yes" - And I briefly explained the origin of the nickname. She said "Eric Nesterenko used to have dinner at my house when I was a child."
She went on to explain that when her father was the Team Doctor for the Toronto Maple Leafs he would often have the rookies etc. over for dinner. Eric played a couple of years for the Leafs - then played many years for the Blackhawks.
She was quite young at the time. She really enjoyed Eric. And she remains a huge Leafs fan.
Such a small world!

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