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Course Request Verification Assistant - Introductory Videos

Pete Self     -       peteself@nesterenkosoftware.com


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Course Request Verification Assistant - 'General Use':

The main purpose of the application is to generate a Course Request Matrix Report. This report provides some much-needed information, especially towards the latter stages of Timetabling. Information helps to minimize conflicts.

Video topics include:

0:00 - Course Request Verification Assistant
0:12 - Provided No-charge to Timetable Assistant users
0:30 - Extract and then Import Course Request verification data
0:40 - Course Request Matrix Report
1:05 - Especially helpful when placing Single-Section courses
1:35 - Course Requests by Name
1:39 - Course Requests by Grade, Name
1:46 - Course Requests by Number of Requests - possibly find incomplete submissions
1:52 - If Alternates used - Alternates Report
1:46 - Course Requests by Number of Requests - possibly find incomplete submissions
1:58 - Select a course and see list of students who selected it.
2:20 - Recap of three applications: Course Request Tally and Sectioning Assistant; Timetable Assistant; Course Request Verification Assistant
2:40 - Pass on info to others.
2:45 - Fully-functional Trial version
2:52 - No other software installation required - MS Access
Sample Course Request Matrix Report