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A variety of applications are available which support various functions within a Secondary School. Used in secondary schools throughout Ontario.
Most visitors to this web-site will likely be existing users of the Nesterenko Software Timetable Assistant Application
If you are a new visitor, feel free to contact me at

2018-19 'Course Request/Sectioning/Staffing/Timetabling' Process
Apps and Pricing (Same as in past years)

Timetable Assistant Application - $200 +HST - yearly school license - This app aids the Timetabling process by taking extracted Master Schedule data and displaying it in a multitude of available reports which allow the user to 'see' the current state of the Master Schedule in a two-dimensional grid and analyze course placement by Semester/Block, course loads, simulated loads, courses by Department, courses by Pathway, courses by Teacher, courses by Room etc. No data entry required. The process of timetabling within your Master Schedule Builder is done the same as usual. The reports are also helpful in communication/discussions possibly with Department Heads etc. The app is very useful to Guidance and Administration throughout the school year.
Two-Minute video: Watch

Course Request Tally and Sectioning Assistant Application - $60 +HST - yearly school license - many Nesterenko users also use this app. This app is used during the period of time (March-April) when analyzing course requests and determining number of sections etc. The app takes extracted Course Request Tally data and provides a variety of analysis reports. The user enters the number of sections of each course. A variety of detail and summary reports are provided which help as the user moves toward paring-down the number of hoped-for sections to eventually match the FTE assigned by the School Board. Reports are also helpful if discussion with Department Heads is required. A the end of this process, reports provide the necessary information for entering sections into the Master Schedule Builder.
Two-Minute video: Watch

Course Request Verification Assistant Application (generates a Course Request Matrix Report and other reports) - no charge - sent to all users. Reports allow the users to scan course requests by student to ensure the correct number of requests were made etc. Also, the Course Request Matrix Report is a great help during the timetabling process, especially when tweaking course placement.
Three-Minute video: Watch

The most commonly used application is the Timetable Assistant Application . The most commonly used report within the Timetable Assistant Application is the Master Schedule Report which takes the Master Schedule by Course Section Report data, imports it, and displays it in the following easy-to-read, grid-like report. There are many, many other reports but this is the most-commonly used report. No data entry required. A few mouse clicks and the user has the latest Master Schedule in this format. Click on report for printable pdf version.

Click these links to various applications (or use the Navigation Menu at the top of screen).

Timetable Assistant - Helps Timetablers as well as Guidance and Admin throughout the year.
           One-page 'visual' 2-dimensional grid Master Schedule Report is the most-used report, but there are numerous other
           reports and analysis functions.
           Take a Virtual Tour of the Timetable Assistant app. Unlike a video, this Tour will allow you to explore the app for yourself.
           Brief Video View a quick overview of the app.

           FYI - Currently developing a 'Web' version of the Timetable Assistant Application. Experimental at this point.
           Experimental 'Web' Version of the Timetable Assistant Application

Course Request Tally and Sectioning Assistant - Great help leading up to the Timetabling process.
           Analyze course requests, allocate sections.
           Take a Virtual Tour of the Course Request Tally and Sectioning Assistant app. Unlike a video, this Tour will allow you to
           explore the app for yourself.
           Brief Video View a quick overview of the app.

Course Request Verification Assistant - Generates Course Request Matrix Report, as well as some other useful reports.
           Another tool used during the Timetabling process.

Attendance Assistant - Simple, Concise, Attendance Reports and can also generate Attendance 'Letters' for mailing home.

OnCall Assistant - Manage the daily chore of handling and tracking Teacher Absences and OnCalls

For any of these applications, I will email you a no-charge, fully-functional evaluation version of the software and, if you'd like, give you an 'over-the-phone' demonstration of the software.
Because there is no installation required and no data-entry required, it is very easy to get started. No commitment to purchase before you try it.
These apps are used by schools using Trillium©.
The apps generally manipulate data extracted from existing Trillium© reports.
The reports generated by these apps save you time, allow you to do your job more efficiently and allow you to serve the needs of the students better.
These Microsoft© Access application files require no installation, other than to have Microsoft© Access installed on your computer.

Contact and I will send you the necessary software within a day, or answer any questions. Yours to try for a month.
Or if you would like to discuss the application, email me and I'd be happy to call you.